Weed Storage and Preservation

Proper cannabis storage can drastically extend its potency and therefore the lifespan of its effects. When stored correctly, cannabis can maintain theraputic properties and be enjoyable for years.

Ideal Cannabis Containers

Cannabis is best kept in an air-tight glass jar (avoid plastics due to leaching BPA or non-stainless streel or specially treated metals). If left exposed, cannabis will dry out in a few days. A plastic baggie may extend its life to a number of weeks, but the quality will start to degrade almost immediately. The static produced by the incessant movement of the bag also pulls off the trichomes, instantly diminishing the potency of your weed. Moreover, make sure to prevent your cannabis from too much oxygen exposure by using appropriately sized jars. Don't jam-pack your plants inside the glass container, nor let them sit surrounded by lots of empty space. Leave a little breathing room, as that is ideal. Purchasing the perfect weed container is as easy as doing a web search, but if you want something immediately, simply walk into virtually any home goods store and take your pick. 

Optimal Temperature For Cannabis Storage

Cannabis should be stored in a dark, cool place away from the sun (or light in general). This helps slow cannabanoid degredation and preserves the intended effects of the plant. The environment should also be dry, as moisture is very bad for cannabis and results in the production of mold. As for climate considerations, an environment that is slightly below room temperature with a humidity of 65% is ideal. Some people use a humidor for weed storage, which allows the taste and flavor of the bud to persist longer. While the information here is mainly focused on the storage of cannabis in flower form, it is important to note that storing cannabis tinctures should be handled very much the same way.

Proper Storage of Edibles

For edibles infused with marijuana, follow your typical food storage protocol as well as any instructions on the packaging, as the producers of your product know the absolute best methods for storing it, due to knowing its ingredients. Don't hesitate to refrigerate anything that is perishable - the cold may alter appearance, but it will not affect potency and consequently the effects of THC or other cannabanoids. 

There is no standard for cannabis "shelf-life" or how long cannabis remains effective. It differs from product to product and from instance to instance. However, to be most theraputic, medical quality cannabis requires a higher standard of vigilance, especially considering that it is consumed by patients with compromised immune systems, for whom contaminants may be deadly, yet the healing powers of the plant are critical. So follow these simple tips to keep your cannabis potent for months, if not even longer!