Sex, Romance, & Cannabis

Discover how you can spice up your love life with these very special strains.

While there haven't been very many official studies on sex and cannabis, it is a well-recognized and scientifically verifiable fact that the use of the plant stimulates pleasure centers in the brain, bringing about all kinds of enjoyment. When it comes specifically to sex, the general consensus among cannabis users is that THC can significantly enhance sexual activity and intensify orgasm. Since sex is largely mental, selecting the right strain is critical. Individuals who find it difficult relaxing, getting comfortable and finding the mental space to fully enjoy the act of lovemaking should avoid strains that over-stimulate the mind, cause anxiety and rumination, or produce paranoia. Low THC, indica or indica-dominant hybrids may be a better place to start when choosing cannabis specifically for sex. And of course, there are these selections we wanted to bring to your attention:

  • Sexxpot

    Created by a woman, for other women, Sexxpot is a specially formulated indica that was intended to offer a natural alternative to the so-called female Viagra. This 'woman-centric' indica was inspired by an unforgettable night that its creator, Karyn Wagner had experienced firsthand. Being one of the most empowered women in the cannabis industry, Karyn had the ability and opportunity to recognize what she had discovered, develop it, and ultimately share it with the rest of the world. As the story goes, Karyn and her partner got down with Mr. Nice Guy - an 80% Indica strain known for its totally-enveloping, soothing, bodily effects. To further accentuate erotica-friendly attributes, she crossed 2 strains of Mr. Nice Guy together and nurtured the offspring to purposefully produce a milder THC potency. With women in mind, Karyn wanted to ensure a less heady-high and a sensually indulging experience.

  • Girl Scout Cookies

    An Indica dominant strain, Girl Scout Cookies proves to stimulate and arouse the mind and body. Recorded as having potency as high as 28%, Girl Scout Cookies is an ideal strain for partners that are familiar with one another and comfortable with the wild ride of a heady high. While both parties will undoubtedly benefit from its energy boosting properties, Girl Scout Cookies is said to have an ability to facilitate natural moisture in women. Great for use at any time of day, this cerebrally enhancing strain will surely inspire deeper and more relaxed conversations between lovers, lead to greater creativity that's sure to conjure up plenty of ideas for dirty-talk, role playing, and generally enhance intimacy among partners.

  • Bruce Banner

    Shy? Reserved? Has it been while and stage fright is an issue? Enter a strain that can assist in releasing the inner beast! Named after the alter ego of comic book legend, The Hulk, this is one mean green machine. Thus far, this list has featured Indica heavy or purely Indica strains. It's time to change it up. Hulk is a Sativa dominant strain; it promises a revved up and far more animalistic experience. With high THC levels (some- times reaching as high as 30%), Bruce Banner offers an energetic high that keeps one clever, confident, poised and ready! Excellent at curbing stress and anxiety, this strain lets your inner-hulk out to have some fun! Combined with mood-lifting traits, Bruce Banner will surely empower a great time and stomp out any self-doubting thinking.

  • Super Silver Haze

    Are you spontaneous? Do you live life in the moment? If so, indulge yourself with Super Silver Haze, a globally recognized and long-admired sativa. With its roots dating back to 1969 (no pun intended), this force of nature is noted to have an intense cerebral launch, followed by a gradual ebb and flow of physiological responses: namely a step into total body-ease. Such effects allow for a thorough appreciation of one's own impulses and all the places where they may lead, but if that were not enough, Super Silver Haze is also rich in limonene, a cannabinoid that is complementary to healthy sexual performance. Powerfully energizing, this capable strain can greatly spice up a lazy morning or add some heat to an otherwise ordinary encounter.

  • Skywalker OG

    If you're in possession of an insatiable desire to rule someone's universe or command pleasurable acts from a consenting partner, than walk right on over to the "Skywalker OG" side. Even the would-be negative effects - the "tingling" or "numbness" - could be construed as enjoyable in the right sexual setting. Skywalker OG's tantalizing and introspectively mind-bending effects allow for greater self-awareness. The high seems to open up a new depth of sensation, where lovers can get lost in each other's breath, smell and touch. Its THC content allows for clear communication, enabling the partners to get blissfully lost while remaining very much connected. So close your eyes, take a toke, and get transported light-years away to a galaxy of boundless pleasure.