Cannabis strains to boost creativity, stimulate out of the box thinking, improve focus & get more work done.

Stubborn, elusive, ever uphill with always more ground to cover. We all struggle in varying ways, but most would never think to turn to marijuana for help – from procrastination, from looming pressures of ever-present deadlines, or recurring anxieties – all that stands in the way of getting work done. However, with careful consideration and a little dash of self-awareness, the toke-conscious user can find a synergetic relationship between desired tasks and a bowl of greens. It is vital to keep in mind that everyone’s chemistry is different and you must honestly identify your personal struggles in the realm of productivity. If you’re a right-brained creative with the occasional wave of scattered thoughts, prone to worrying, and quick to paranoia, it may be best to put away some of the speedier, more cup of joe-like sativas in favor of reaching for calmer indicas, such that better assist with focus and mental clarity. Choosing the wrong genetics could mean the side effects outweigh the benefits, leading to the opposite of that which was intended. So with due consideration to personal dosage and frequency of use, the following is a list of options most people expect enhance performance and improve general productivity:

  • Blue Dream

    For many, the widely famous, sativa-dominant hybrid that is Blue Dream is a major productivity booster. It gives a keen focus to execute what is at the forefront of your mind while simultaneously cracking a smile. It is your friend when you want to get moving, just leave a little time along the way to appreciate the details of the trip. Blue Dream boosts one’s desire to achieve whatever is in focus, yet it can be somewhat common to get lost in the minor aspects of the big picture. This zoom in, zoom out pattern of thought may seem counter-productive to some, but for others, it can lead to more abstract, wildly-associated, and most natural concepts and ideas. This duality of mental effects is attributable to the presence of both the indica and sativa genetics, each playing out their role in the effects. So be advised - the Dream can be your best companion or a variety of tasks, but may require a lack of time constraints to be effective. At the onset, Blue Dream takes the user on a cerebral ascension, characterized by a genuine pique in curiosity and what feels like boundless creativity. This is accompanied by a calming, blissful unwinding of the nerves and an enjoyable release of tension – a state that’s most conducive to creative and critical thinking. One can theorize that this strain’s popularity is due to the fact that it is so well suited for modern day needs. Over-packed schedules, multiple jobs, endless commitments, and endless errands all lead to frustration and burn-out, but with a little soothing touch, a little boost of energy, and a dash of euphoria, it is no surprise Blue Dream is one of the most popular strains on the market today.

  • Jack Herer

    Looking for a slice of happiness to go with that productivity? Jack Herer is on the job. This sativa splendidly delivers a surge of joy from the moment it hits the lips. Well balanced and with a heavy dose of indica genetics (40%), the sensations it produces are often described as contentment, tranquility and elation. A pleasant, soothing, and full-body tickle soon follows, but it is in no way immobilizing. In fact, it is just as relaxing as it is vivacious. With such an uplifting mix of effects, using Jack Herer just to make the mundane more tolerable helps some get the job done. It is a perfect complement for tedious tasks like household chores or data entry. Shortly after that rush of vitality sets in, Jack lends a helpful dose of lucidity, benefitting the more substantial to do’s that often require some thought. Typically, the effects will last about an hour and a half, but all throughout the experience, users report overwhelmingly positive feedback. That being said, careful dosing is strongly recommended as it tends to have high concentrations of THC. That being said, it is important to understand that while Jack may be different from your caffeine-like kick-starter, it is still a very powerful ally in enhancing our productivity.

  • Green Crack

    For those looking to really turn up the productivity dial, Green Crack holds the promise of delivering an exuberant jolt of energy. It has, time and time again battled and won against fatigue, stress and even depression. It has been said to leave one feeling thoroughly engaged and eager to accomplish. Perfect in the morning or afternoon, quick to take effect and good for on-the-fly consumption due to the hard and fast hitting effects, Green Crack delivers a lasting endurance and the ability to persevere even when faced with opposition. Green Crack does not inhibit multi-tasking and is loaded with a high concentration of productivity-aiding compounds,such as limonine, a cannabinoid which helps with focus, and pinene, an alertness-boosting compound. Some patients have even point out improvements in the attention to small-ish details with the use of Green Crack, an all in all legitimate strain to boost energy and help get down to business.It is important to mention, as this may influence your own accessibility to this strain, that due to legislative stipulations and restrictions, certain regions of the country have banned the name “Green Crack” from appearing on dispensary menus. The name “Dream Queen” has been adopted by many vendors as the new name for this genotype of cannabis.

  • Durban Poison

    Rise, shine and pick your poison. Durban Poison is essentially your morning mate/breakfast buddy. While having strong, cerebral effects, Durban Poison can be savored from the very start of the day. In fact, there may be an argument for usage early in the day so that the powerful effects to can unify with your natural rhythm. It is reported that patients often feel a bracing stimulation that sharpens the senses almost immediately after the first exhale. This can be highly unusual for novice smokers, but highly enjoyable for many who learn to experience their senses at a greater depth, feel more in-tune with one’s surroundings, and have a more profound (but in no way distressing) experience of sound, scent, taste and even touch. The initial feeling of heightened perception is eventually met with mental clarity and captivating bursts of creativity. Moreover, this South African gem does not leave the user incapacitated in a couch but rather helps adaptability and alertness. Expect this strain to go straight to the head and for tasks that involve a multitude of senses, say, video editing or graphic design, this is a wonderful tool to get things done. Considered to be a pure landrace sativa, Durban Poison may not be the best choice for users prone to anxiety or paranoia, especially due to the activation and amplification of the senses. Combined with what is typically a moderate to high THC content, Durban Poison should be used carefully and in small doses, especially for new smokers.

  • Harlequin

    So, we’ve established that Sativas are our preferred companions for productivity, but let’s explore something a little different, shall we? True, Harlequin is a Sativa dominant hybrid, with only 25% of the genetics representing indica traits. But what makes Harlequin a different breed of helper is its high concentration of CBD, a compound that we understand to neutralize and diminish the heady, mentally-activated and cerebrally-experienced sensations produced by THC. So, while this strain has all of the desirable attributes of a Sativa: elation, sociability, and intellectual enthusiasm; what it is said to lack. The calmness that is typically produced by a CBD rich strain like Harlequin is not to be confused with the perpetual body high of an Indica variety. In essence, CBD is powerful with medical patients for treating pain, spasms, and helping manage a variety of conditions, without producing mental cloudiness or distortion, euphoria, anxiety, paranoia, or any other negative states.