Marijuana Movie Night

Wether you're in the mood for comedy or drama, enhance your movie night with these perfectly-paired cannabis strains.

We all have those nights where the couch is calling our name; and what better way to spend a night at home then curled up with an intriguing new movie release or an unforgettable classic? Whether you undergo your movie-binging, couch-cradling adventure solo or with your fellow film aficionados, marijuana-movie- night is the perfect way to unwind, geek out and escape for at least a few hours. Regardless of a movie genre, your mood, or even the company, there is a strain of cannabis perfectly suited to your “kushy” night in. So climb into those comfy sweats and grab your most cozy pillow, blanket and a bowl of popcorn, but don’t forget one of these strains to accentuate that seductive cinematic spree, for your viewing pleasure.

  • Cinderella 99

    Enter into a world of make-believe and bring along a strain named for one of our favorite fictional heroines. Imbuing users with creativity, euphoria and a wondrous sense of dreaminess, Cinderella 99 is a sweetly sublime strain for activities that tap the imagination. C99, as it is commonly nicknamed, was bred by Mr. Soul of 'Brothers Grimm,' and is predominantly a sativa (at 85% genetic dominance). It reportedly enriches its users with a flurry of excitement and energy. This strain consists of high levels of THC, measuring as high as 22%-- which leads to cerebral activation that makes movie watching a deep and immersing experience. With such high levels of THC derived from sizable trichomes covering Cinderella 99, this cannabis speckles as if covered with diamond dust, which is exactly how we'd imagine Cinderella's bud to actually look, if she happened to have any.  Pairing this strain with a fantasy flick is perfect to heighten the richness and involvement in a vivid and fantastical story.

  • Yoda's Brain

    A couch war you will fight, so, just surrender to it! This commanding, galactical strain is comprised of mostly (70%) indica genetics. Reputed for its potency and complexity in both aromatics, palate profile and effect, the genetic heritage of Yoda’s Brain stems to the legendary OG family. Its intricate characteristics blast off with notes of earthiness, followed by a composition of florals, which are then trailed by scents of herbs and spices. Yoda’s Brain is best enjoyed while getting lost in an alternate reality, as it propels you sofa stormtroopers into an all-encompassing body high. With total relief from frazzled nerves and mental anxiety, this is an excellent strain to zone out with and explore the far reaches of distant galaxies and sci-fi planets. Yoda’s Brain is said to pack a powerful punch with effects that last longer than many other strains. For this reason, it may be best to choose a longer film or set up for a movie marathon. Being a "heavier" strain that it is, it is best used in the late afternoon or early evening -- just so it is not too late -- so that this cannabis doesn't ruin movie night by inducing premature sleepiness.

  • Dark Side Of The Moon

    Despite the terror, the muscle tension and possible nightmare-spawning visuals, a horror film is one of cinema’s greatest accomplishments. We cringe and cover our eyes, but we cannot look away, nor can we stop watching! So, travel to the Dark Side of the Moon to ease some of that jaw clenching stiffness. Known to help patients dealing with arthritis, cramps, chronic pain as well as various mood disorders, Dark Side of the Moon may just help make those terrifying creatures and scary scenes not only tolerable, but even enjoyable. In addition to its bodily qualities, Dark Side of the Moon is also excellent at inspiring thrilling feelings of euphoria, elation and exhilaration-- which may assist in avoiding some of that lingering eeriness. The strain is said to take effect quickly, so you won’t have to wait for it to catch up with the fast-moving and seat-clenching plotline. It may be of great importance to note that Dark Side of The Moon is an Indica, and as such is devoid of side-effects like paranoia which could make a scary movie simply unbearable.

  • ArcticBlue

    Embark on your next action-packed pictorial with Arctic Blue, a bold hybrid that was synthesized with a 60/40 Indica to Sativa ratio. Born and bred in Alaska by the cultivators of ArcticBlue Farms, this cannabis is the progeny of the world-famous and award winning Blueberry strain. The growers’ motive in creating this product was to perpetuate the most desirable trait of the parenting plant: its intoxicating and robust blueberry scent and taste that is so distinguishable and seems to be packed with an essence of wilderness that somehow seems very immence to the senses. And if ever there was a flavor to pair with adrenaline-inducing and heart-pumping movie scenes, this would be it. The bold nugs of Arctic Blue cast a powerful aromatic footprint – as big as a polar bear’s, or bigfoot’s, or some other wild creature that might be the subject of a great adventure we could appreciate better on the big screen with a little Arctic Blue in the pipe. And once this strain is activated in the body, it is punctuated by a complete aura of relaxation which may offset the urge to jump out of your seat as you follow the twists and turns of the latest blockbuster.

  • Critical Kush

    The documentary is a genre that aims to educate, enlighten and expose. It raises pulses and opens minds. Proper appreciation and enjoyment of a good documentary calls for a harmonious strain that might accommodate such a quest for knowledge. We answer such a call with a near pure Indica that’s said to be mentally invigorating and focusing. Critical Kush, dialing in at 90% Indica, is described as being thought provoking and calming, facilitating a better retention and deeper processing of incoming information. With mid-level THC content, Critical Kush is excellent for igniting curiosity and inspiring discussion, which is sure to give detail- oriented movie buffs plenty to debate about after the movie is over. Due to the fact that the THC levels are not exceedingly high, Critical Kush will enable the complete enjoyment of a movie without any concern for undesirable side-effects.