Exercise and Cannabis  

Whether you want to exercise more or exercise better, cannabis can help improve workouts and achieve fitness goals.

Until a recent shift in thought, the idea of mixing cannabis with physical activity has been deemed counter-productive. Fortunately, this view is being "vaped" away, as studies from universities and testimonials from "cannathletes" have begun revealing remarkable results from the miraculous teaming up of cannabis and a good workout regimen. Cannabis has been noted to relieve pain, thereby enhancing physical performance and allowing athletes to push further. It is also known to boost motivation, sharpen focus and help achieve a mind-muscle connection. The deep sleep it induces can help with muscle restoration and growth while a pre-workout smoke can also boost an athlete’s metabolism. So regardless of the type of exercise, there’s a strain that can integrate into your routine or training program, changing the way fitness is experienced. It must be said, however, that safety is always key! It is recommended to undergo a method of exercise without cannabis, first. Familiarity with one’s own limitations-- both in the sense of building physical endurance as well as cannabis dosage --is critical. One must carefully evaluate the effects on coordination, balance, and even hydration and consider the differences between pre-and-post workout consumption. Finally, while cannabis may be wonderful for the casual athlete, it isn’t likely to enhance athletic performance at a professional level.

  • Jillybran

    Zoomba, anyone? Contrived by Mz. Jill, a brilliant horticulturist and member of TGA Genetics, Jillybean is an Indica dominant hybrid that promotes a jovial and lighthearted experience, perfect for exercise routines that include enthusiastic and uninhibited body movement combined with cheerful social settings. It does so by launching the user into a state of jubilance and exultation – the perfect state for group classes. It keeps the mood light and joyous, preventing the mind from diving into a self-conscious state. This lift is trailed by a tranquil yet temperate body high. Music--especially the enticing sounds of Latin music--will help to play up this happy mood. To further complement the Latin flavor, Jillybean’s terpene profile is sweet and tropical, with scents reminiscent of a Latin climate, such as mango and pineapple. From Zumba dancers, to cardio barre crushers and even hip-shaking hula-hoopers, Jillybean is your strain to let loose and sweat to the music.

  • Casey Jones

    Running and Cannabis? While this dynamic dyad seems counter-intuitive on the surface, the benefit to puffing and running lies in the pre-workout pump up. Running requires a massive amount of self-motivation and a little bit of cannabis can spark it right up. Casey Jones is your pound-the-pavement partner in crime, at 80% Sativa, 20% Indica. Selecting a particularly potent Sativa is a good move for two key reasons: It provides an instant boost of energy and jumpstarts your heartrate, which is going to get your right out the door. Second, it has lasting power. Many runners comment on the fact that they lose their ‘runner’s high’ only minutes into the run. With a little help from Casey Jones, runners can have a more enjoyable exercise and advance their mileage goals. A little tip, however: make sure to get going quickly, as doing so will let you start on a high note, while lagging could mean you’ll never leave the house.

  • Chocolope

    For some people, weightlifting can be one of the most intimidating forms of fitness. It requires focus, patience, discipline, and grit. Now, there’s help. Throw some Chocolope into that gym bag for an uplifted and rewarding experience, characterized by a boost of energy and a motivational kick. Use it before a work out and this pure Sativa strain promises to amplify concentration while simultaneously providing lasting determination, in order to commit to and stay on track with a routine. Given its Sativa genetics and a complementary terpene profile, Chocolope delivers potent cerebral effects that can help weightlifters prevent distractions, maintain proper form, and facilitate a mind-muscle connection. This strain can help stomp out stagnation and laziness, renewing one’s vigor for exercise.

  • ACDC

    Roll up your yoga mat first and a joint second. Because what better way is there to discover and maximize the unification of mind and body than by pairing mindful and spiritual exercise with cannabis? What distinguishes yoga from other forms of fitness is the meditative state one can tap into both during and after exercise. And due to the mental activation and a deeply synergistic mind-body connection that is an integral part of the practice, it is advisable to opt for less psychoactive yet anxiety reducing strain varieties so that the user can remain aware of their body and in-tune with their thoughts (or lack thereof during times of meditation). Choose a mellow and calming strain such as AC/DC, because alternatively, mind-accelerating cannabis may very well be counterproductive to the reasons for doing yoga in the first place. With the right strain, a yogi may be able to delve further into body awareness and divulge in the peace of their practice with an absence of the racing or self-criticizing thoughts. With low THC content (yet a high concentration of CBD), AC/DC creates the ideal mental space to practice, freeing up the practitioner to go deeper into their core being, which happens to be the foundational aspect of the Yoga discipline. Lastly, lets talk about breathing. Consistent respiratory flow is an intricate part of the exercise. The calm, focused, and anxiety-free effects can make it less of a struggle for practitioners to remember to breathe, which is critical because a precise breathing pattern is crucial to maintaining proper form.

  • Tangerine Dream

    When discussing contact sports (think MMA), there are many differing beliefs and systemic negativity that fail to see the benefits and positive integration of cannabis in this world of competition, bodily mechanics and the craft of the sport. There are, however, a multitude of professional fighters and competitors who find cannabis to be a true asset to partake in during training. Those involved in competitive sports tend to have grueling daily workouts. And while speed and precision are critical for any match, slowing energy down can prove to be beneficial for the sake of training and the perfection of technique. Some athletes report feeling “dialed in” after consuming cannabis and have gone as far as to say they have the ability to train longer. Tangerine Dream is a personal favorite of MMA fighter/wrestler Matt Riddle, who speaks out about the benefits of cannabis use for training. He goes on to say that it helps him slow down and relax while retaining maximum alertness. With 70% indica genetics, Tangerine Dream is expected to deliver these highly beneficial effects that Matt counts on to improve his performance. Bear in mind, however: while cannabis may be legal in some states, it is still prohibited in the ring by most professional athletic boards. So while the amateur practitioner may find cannabis use beneficial, the professional may need to abide the restrictions and regulations imposed by the governing body of their sport.