Best Cannabis Strains For Recreational Use

Meet friends, get talkative, and even reduce social anxiety with these strains, meant for enjoying a night on the town.

Cannabis has a wonderful way of bringing people together, where the mood improves, laughter ensues, and boundless joy can be found in all the little things. Cannabis can help people get out of their “shell,” take life a little less seriously, and amplify positivity thoughts and energy. It inspires chattiness, removes social anxiety, and feeds our social instincts. With all of the different types of celebratory settings and the inevitable mixture of contrasting people in attendance, some of us can benefit from the tranquil and/or sociable properties of cannabis. Regardless of your personality type, current mood, or the nature of the event, there is a strain of cannabis to get you up, out, and in ‘high spirits.’ So the next time you prepare for a night on the town, consider the following strains to fire up to get you fired up.

  • Dance World

    It’s the weekend and you got yourself some plans. The crew is headed to the club or the favorite local bar, with plans to catch an awesome DJ set. The appropriately named Dance world is the perfect strain to make your night unforgettable and help you lose yourself in the music with carefree fluidity. Having a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio, Dance World has the ability to alleviate bodily stiffness, stimulate movement and a kinetic elegance, and allow you to feel the beat with all of your being. Combined with the energy boosting properties brought on from the sativa dominant genetics, this strain will help you transcend self-consciousness and get you out onto the dancefloor with enthusiasm and vivacity. Dance World is credited to the remarkable Royal Queen Seeds, a cultivator known for raising and harvesting Europe’s most premium cannabis. With its intoxicating, spicy, earthy fragrances and seductive Spanish roots, it will have you shaking your hips out on the dance floor in no time.

  • Blueberry

    This one is good for those of us who tend to observe more and engage less, people who are content with being the mysterious spectators that enjoy hunting down that plush sofa, or setting up camp in that dim-lit corner, only to curiously witness the night unfold before their eyes. If this sounds like you, then Blueberry is an Indica dominant hybrid that might just be your pick for the night, helping you relax in a loud and bustling social scene. Being an 80% Indica, this award winning strain is noted to have no hangover effects, but it is certainly no lightweight. It has been dubbed as a “one hit and quit” strain because of its high percentage of THC (reaching as high as 24%). So while it may affect you energy level (or even coordination) on the dance floor, the small yet present amount of sativa genetics in this strain supplies a perk of sociability.

  • The Sauce

    Having a dinner party? Please pass The sauce. This strain is without a doubt deserving of a seat at the dinner table. The invitation is merited on account of it possessing all of the right ingredients to make for an excellent match for this type of a social gathering. As for the effects of this strain, the user will be served giddiness and giggles along with a mental clarity to be present and engaging for table conversation, helping to interact with ease and maybe even crack a joke or two. The Sauce will also arouse a strong desire to be sociable, a very powerful benefit for anyone facing the unpleasantries of social anxiety. With THC measurements leveling at roughly 16%, and being that it is a slightly sativa dominant blend, The Sauce dishes up just the right dose of headiness so you can tune out when someone inevitably brings up heated political topics. Being that the dinner party is a more intimate scene, these traits blend deliciously with the atmosphere.

  • Laughing Buddha

    Laughing Buddha should no doubt be your plus one to that kooky costume party or the 90’s themed event your friends insisted on throwing. This sultry sativa promises to have you bursting with laughter--making it the perfect companion to indulge in while witnessing others’ creativity and sense of humor on display. Laughing Buddha’s most valuable quality is it’s ability to uplift, excite and stimulate. Feeling a little down? This strain is perfect to uplift the mood! It’s sweet, candied-citrus aromas are known to inspire nostalgic reveries, making one feel a sense of an youthful playfulness. So let your inner kid out to play with this exciting and award winning strain.

  • Willy Wonka

    When it comes to the typical work soiree, there are some factors to take into consideration before selecting the optimal strain. Facing co-workers and uptight superiors can be challenging during regular business hours, so being around them after work in a less-than-sober setting can induce some uncomfortable sensations of paranoia. Unless you’re in an industry centered around having fun, you may still feel pressure to be “on.” With that said, we need to find an appropriate option to avert any potential dullness, relief stress, subvert awkwardness and disinterest, and quell discomfort, all the while maintaining your regular demeanor. That option is Willy Wonka - a 70% sativa strain that is great for stress relief and it is also capable of turning even the most boring of events into enjoyable experiences. For those of us under obligation to attend work functions that are less than exciting, Willy Wonka can enliven the mundane, spark up interesting conversation and all the while allow the user to maintain their regular demeanor.