Gaming and Cannabis

Cannabis is known to enhance many experiences, making them seem richer and more vibrant. This is especially true of activities that envelop the visual and auditory senses, such as playing video games or experiencing virtual reality. Modern technologicaladvances and creative liberties have bred a new world of gaming, letting the enthusiasts who devote countless hours to conquering level after level do so with an added dimension. So, call the friends over, break out those remotes, and pack some of these flowers for a wild ride of visual stimulation and alternate realities.

  • Duke Nukem

    Staying in for a night of alien slaying and saving the people of Earth from certain destruction? Lock and load some Duke Nukem into your mission. Duke Nukem is a sativa dominant hybrid that is celebrated for its ability to inspire creativity and take over the user with bursts of energy. Very useful for prolonged missions, for the good of the planet of course. An increase in sociability and chattiness is also a likely effect, which is optimal, considering that saving the world is rarely a one-man gig. Without creating the “jitters,” this hybrid strain is well balanced, with just enough amp and no burn-out toworry about, as the effects wear off in a smooth and gradual way. But gamers beware; there is a significant chance that a successful conclusion to the Alien Invasion won’t end until after an equally successful attack on the kitchen. Duke Nukem is excellent for morning or afternoon use, so using it to beam up on a Saturday morning and hitting the control center could be a delightful way to kick off the weekend.

  • Bird's Eye

    Endowing great focus and mental clarity, Bird’s Eye is a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid that just might help your in-game aim. In fact, this newly acquired focus is so abundant that not only does it sharpen one’s thoughts and ideas, but it has been reported to steady one’s attention, likely drawing on the calming properties of the indica genetics. Whether the cannabis makes us focus because we become more interested, or we become more interested because we’re able to focus, with the help of Bird’s Eye we can faithfully lock our attention on shooting straight and hitting the bull’s eye. While useful for problem solving, quick-scoping, and enjoying the mission, Bird’s Eye usually tests as a high-potency strain, making dosage an important consideration; an excessive amount can bring about effects that are opposite to those intended. For that reason, it is best to start slow and after some time passes, consume a little more. Make sure to give the indica genetics a little bit of time to take over and induce full body relaxation, without diminishing a delightful cerebral ride.

  • LSD

    Let’s embark upon a long, strange trip with our groovy, psychedelic friend, LSD. Checking in at 70% Indica, this psychotropic beauty is sure to enhance the visual pleasure of your gaming experience or a simulated reality. LSD amplifies creativity andjoy, and combining cerebral and hypnotic effects, grants access into the abstract, the surreal, and the picturesque. When combined with the immersive modern audio-visual experience of today’s gaming systems, the peak effects of LSD will induce a sensation of soaring through the surreal sceneries of any gaming reality. The ease with which LSD puts one’s feel back on the ground can vary, depending on factors like varying cannabinoid profile or one’s existing tolerance for cannabis, not to mention dosage. When properly dosed, LSD’s unique psychedelic qualities and relaxing effects make it an excellent choice for daytime use and a fitting addition to anyone’s gaming repertoire. And in addition to its pleasant mental effects, gamers can enjoy the lingering scents of chestnuts followed sweet, musky notes.

  • Dutch Dragon

    Regardless of light source, this bushy Sativa dominant hybrid will reach for the sky. Hailing from Africa, this 75% Sativa yields massive buds so dense, they resemble a jagged, almost thorn-lined, dragon’s tail. Indicative of most Sativas, patients are introduced to the strain via it’s euphoric boost and waves of creativity. This allows for it to be enjoyed during the day. The Dragon also has a little surprise fireball of its own. When used at night, it’s small amount of Indica genetics provide a relishable balance in the form of a full body melt. It is this gentle body high and creative perk that makes for a dazzling visual and auditory scene, especially appreciated at night. Nier: Automata is the perfect pairing to this strain. It’s dark, yet daring visuals and dramatic soundtrack will have gamers seduced. Smelling faintly of tangerines, Dutch Dragon proves to be a valid assistor with those suffering from stress. It is also known to help with other bodily conditions, such as: migraines, arthritis, and nausea.

  • Trainwreck

    Trainwreck is just the right medicine for those looking to stay sharp in order to strategize during offensive plays with Madden. It’s tendency toward focus and creativity can also benefit the gamer looking to scheme and survive in the adulterated world of Grand Theft Auto. With its makeup being comprised of almost entirely Sativa genetics, gamers are sure to be lifted by the energetic burst coupled with the adrenaline blast of these two high stake games. This strain is also an appropriate choice for the designers of video games. Trainwreck, when used in moderation, welcomes productivity and a calming state-- which then facilitates creativity. In addition to these positive qualities, Trainwreck works to relieve stress and other psychological issues. Gaming is a pleasurable escape and Trainwreck deepens this satisfaction with one unique characteristic: caryophyllene. This a terpene whose scent is compared to hops and is known to have medicinal properties that help to support the many qualms of anxiety and depression.